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The most important pieces of equipment you need for doing yoga are your body and your mind.

Group Yoga Sessions

We conducts Yoga classes daily with over 30 regular attendees in each of the sessions in the morning and evening.The practice of surrendering into the poses supports the release of tension from the core of the body. All batches START FROM 1ST MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH.

Vacation Yoga Workshop for Children

In this workshop children participate in Yoga based Games, Practice breathing exercises, formal yoga poses, positive thinking and experiencing visualization for relaxing in order to become familiar with this ancient form of wellness in a fun and non-competitive environment.

Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga

This class is designed for pregnant and post partum women to enhance the body's ability to more comfortably move through various phases of pregnancy and to recuperate from childbirth.so that mother and baby benefit from postures without any strain. (Only on prior appointment)

Private Yoga

Private or semi-private classes are available to enhance your yoga practice with attention to your specific needs. Special emphasis on disease care is offered after consultation with the Doctor.It invites you to become aware of repetitive patterns that cause pain and unbalance. (Only on prior appointment)

About us

Nirmala Yoga Centre is indispensible part of the Nirmala Medical Centre.Sr Infant Tresa FCC was a staff nurse in medical college hospital kottyam assigned to build up this trend of life.She was graduated from swami Vivekananda Yoga anusandhana samasthana (SVYASA) Bangalore, this task became a faith with which she changed many lives.

Yoga means union. the union with god with all humanity with nature and with oneself. it is means of spiritual enlistment it is an art of living with positive attitude and cheerfulness yoga is a part of your life , and enjoy the happiness and peace. you will be about to reach in this conviction . “I am the living, loving and joyous expression of life. The yogic mantras norish the physical mental, intellectual emotional and spiritual aspect of man...”

The yoga centre provides the most effective alternate therapies for patients striving to improve digestive, respiratory, cardiac and circulatory functioning. The process of cure through yoga may be slow but the result is certain and permanent Those who have given up hopes of cure with different treatments have recovered as a result of this yoga therapy.

Our areas of expertise

Yesu Namaskara (Sun Salutation)
Dhanurasana Yoga (Bow Pose)
Kapalbhati Yoga Asana
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I am working as a staff nurse in medical college Kottayam for 18 years. From 1980. I was suffering from back pain and severe breathing difficulty. I used belt for the back pain,doctors strictly instructed me not to bend and I took injections and medicines to the breathing difficulty.

In 1985 I got a chance to study yoga from a gym in Hyderabad.I experienced relief from the back pain and ailments and I continued to practice yoga in my every day life.It become a part of my life.I got complete cure from my disease and done my activity and duty without any difficulty.I am very much interested in yoga and collected so many yoga books and improved my knowledge.
2002 I participated 10 days yoga meditation in Bangalore Benediactian Monastry Asirvanum.It helps me to experience Gods love deeply and increase my concentration. 2004 I done my Yoga certificate course in Bangalore Swami Vivekanda Deemed University. I found time to join the correspondence course in Pondichery Iynger institute.

2006 April frehved from nursing profession and in October 2006 I started yoga centre close to Nirmala medical centre. Now it is indispensable part of the Nirmale medical centre.More than 1500 people came here and took yoga therapy.. People who are suffering from many diseases,treated in many places not yet cured came here and got relief from their ailments. Besides this I found time to give yoga classes to the school children.Now am take care of schools.Yoga is good for school children for their studies, improve concentration and memory power

Nirmala Medical Yoga Centre

When we are aligned everthing can flow, and life and yoga becomes effortless.

Yoga is the Journey

of the Self,

to the Self,

Through the Self

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